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ARG's Professional Services Monitor is a new online publication that will focus exclusively on the professional services industry. ARG monitors the competitive landscape of the largest professional services firms on a daily basis, providing a unique perspective on the factors driving firms, practices, and people to success. Through exclusive analysis drawn from ARG's competitive intelligence efforts, and Profile articles, Professional Services Monitor provides insight into what is driving world-class achievements in professional services.
Professional Services Monitor focuses on the following areas of excellence within professional services:

  1. Ethics/Leadership/Vision
  2. Innovations in Marketing:
    • Creative efforts to market effectively within the regulatory environment
    • Pursuing new markets created by regulatory actions
    • Bringing Big Four services to new markets
  3. Innovations in Solutions and Technology
  4. World-Class Human Resources:
    • Attracting the best business students into accounting education
    • Keeping the best young talent within the profession

The intersection of innovation in marketing and solutions receives special attention. The passage and continuing implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was a significant event for the industry, to say the least. While the market forces that followed the collapse of Arthur Andersen had already begun to change the scope of services provided by professional services firms, SarbOx very decisively drew the line. Despite this upheaval, there have been many winners, those who saw new opportunities and new needs arise. The winners are providing innovative new solutions for clients faced with an entire new set of compliance concerns. And the winners are looking toward new markets.

In many cases, the choice of subject matter for PSM Profiles will be based upon ARG's exclusive research. For example, we might identify a firm that has enjoyed great success in converting competitive proposals to new engagements among manufacturing companies as part of ARG's Big Four Quarterly Competitive Summary. We may then investigate what is leading that firm's success in its manufacturing practice. In addition, we work closely with Big Four marketing executives and practice professionals and thus gain a unique perspective on innovations.

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