Ames Research Group
In the broadest terms, ARG is located in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area. As the largest population center in the Northwestern corner of the country, Seattle offers all the cultural and business resources one might need. Our coffee-fueled Northwest way of life is also unique, and the natural beauty of the region, bounded by the Pugest Sound and San Juan islands to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east, is a true blessing.

More specifically, ARG is located in Snohomish ("Snow-Home-Ish"), a much smaller community located approximately 30 miles northeast of Seattle and 5 miles east of Everett. Snohomish was founded in the 1880's, relatively old by Northwest standards and roughly 40 years after Seattle was founded. However, Snohomish has been spared the fires and earthquakes that damaged many of Seattle's older structures around the turn of the century. Therefore, a relatively large number of Snohomish's commercial buildings and homes date to the town's founding and are still in use. Locally, Snohomish is known for its farms and farmers markets, picturesque homes, and for the antiques stores located on historic, riverfront First Street.

We consider Snohomish, with its proximity to large-city services and its own unique small-town character, to be absolutely ideal for our unique business.

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